Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Bit late this.. the armchair-rower is coming up to speed with Steve S's blog technology!

So... the Sunday meeting was well received by all

Sunday 27th April - The Bon Voyage Party
Realisation that the race starts in 5 days has hit the crew. So what better way to take their minds off it than to hold a “Bon Voyage” party. Thanks to Chris, landlord of the Royal Oak, we were able to invite friends, rowers, family and supporters to the party. The rowing team were able to greet our supporters from the RNLI, Jenny our Pilates coach, as well as members of the rowing team’s families.... several beers were enjoyed by the non-rowers and a fund raising raffle raised a significant amount of money for the Langstone Life Savers fund. The party was rounded off with the Victory Shanty men and our rowers and friends all joining in the rousing sea son “La Belle Paris” (words & recording on the L2P web site blog page). 5 Days to go and the team are ready for the challenge!! Look out Paris we’re on our way!

- Message from SteveR - don't encourage any of the team to "have a half before you go"...they're all in it for their hopeful Victory

And a great thanks to all who are contributing financially.. the team appreciate it.

Final preps are underway... (you only have to see Steve's dining room to see how much prep!) - Heres to the intrepid team..

I'll be working to keep you all up to date with the teams progress... - and plotting where they are on my "control board".

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We are raising money for Life Saving Charities will you Sponsor us?

The Langstone Lifesavers Fund: The L2P team has set a target of raising £50,000 (€65,000) for charities with a common theme – saving lives. Our first charities, which we hopefully won’t need on our trip, are the RNLI and the Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer; both charitable funds that save lives at sea. Our nominated Land-based lifesaving charities included are the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK.

Please sponsor our efforts in this race by clicking on the links above and give generously.

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