Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Back to Work and Reality Bites!

Monday 12th May saw most of the team attempting to return to their normal day jobs... what a shock to the system that was. Not only did the computer keyboard and screen seem as if it were rolling like the waves but thoughts and flashbacks to events that happened during the race kept intruding into one's thoughts!

The London2Paris trophies were presented, by Deborah, to our core sponsors John Wiley & Sons ltd, who provided much needed support for our preparations: The photo shows Deborah (centre) with Steve Smith on Debs' right and David Palmer (Wiley Nautical) on her left.

While at the The British Cement Association Mike Gilbert organised a sweepstake. The challenge was to guess the time of our arrival in Paris. Anne Dearing and Geraint Adams (right) were closest to our arrival time at the Eiffel Tower in Paris and are pictured here receiving their champagne from Mike.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Armchair Steve - Revealed

Dear Audience,

It was after much prodding, poking and the threat of having a stick of dynamite placed underneath his seat, the infamous Armchair Steve managed to visit us at Langstone yesterday evening for a post race celebration. Steve is seen here, in the vertical position, with the trophies and the winners pint mug and medal.

So, now you know, he does exist and was the key link in the communications chain between the rowing team and all the families of the Langstone Cutters London2Paris team. Through his patience, ability to weild a mouse and my ability to handle a mobile phone we were able to relay our situation during the race.

So THANKS STEVE from all of us. You are truly part of the team and a most valued friend.

L2P Team Welcomed Home

The L2P team arrived back in Langstone on Saturday evening to find the High Street to find it had been decked out with bunting, balloons and banners - a very pleasent welcome home. Champagne and beer flowed and the trophies were duly paraded for all to see.

A very big thank you to the residents and members of the Langstone Cutters Rowing club for the superb welcome home we received on Saturday evening and after club rowing on Sunday. We are all very proud to have been able to win both trophies. It looks as if we may have to buy a new trophy cabinet!

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Trials of the COMMENTS!

Dear Blog followers you may have noticed that any comments you made were not being published.

All my fault I'm afraid. I had left the "Review comments before publication flags set to ON" which menat only I was capable of lettig comments be published... DOH!

Many apologies to all our supporters and followers.

Your comments have now been published.

KEEP Watching for further updates to come.
There will be a photo gallery and hopefully some stories/tales of the deep from the crew in the coming weeks.

THANK YOU for all your support and an especically BIG thank you to Armchair Steve, without whom this blog could not have operated while the Langtsone Cutters were battling the London2Paris race!

Steve S

Saturday, 10 May 2008

**** WARNING **** ****** WARNING *****

Juts had a call from the crew

AN ADVANCED WARNING to friends and family.....


Wash up meeting to come..

Does this mean their washing or a wrap up???

Keep watching... more to come!

So yesterday the team climbed the steps of the Sacre Coeur and sat and sang the Cutters shanty - much to the amusement of the organisers - as the team song has that in the lyrics... so pictures to come..

... in the evening the teams went to a presentation where the teams recieved both trophies... beers (a few) and wine was consumed!

Todays adventure... check out...move the bags to the "left luggage" at the station and then onward to yet another party (sheesh these guys know how to have fun)

They are due Eiffel Tower for midday - for the celebratory party with the organisers.. and one of the major sponsors of the race.. and for that its

Back on a boat again!

But this is a much larger one.. no doubt with another bar! Taking a shield and the trophy onboard to show everyone
... and then its onward back to Blighty on the 6:30 Eurostar - with the Cutters due back in their various homes from around 9 tonight..

Joke of the day - the opposition name the Cutters boat "The Terminator"!!

AND PLEASE KEEP WATCHING - although Armchair Steve will be "retiring" from the blog today and handing over the reins to SteveS - there will be MORE pictures, and MORE anecdotes and reactions from the crew... (just as soon as SteveS has downloaded 2Gb of pictures...and loaded the washing machine)
Stay tuned ..
Thanks for watching..

Armchair Steve

Friday, 9 May 2008

The Official results are OUT!

Taken from the L2P site


CNA TROPHY (For the lowest accumulated time from London to Paris)

  1. Langstone Cutters: 95hrs 16mins 51secs
  2. Le FigaROW: 104 hrs 15mins 58secs

PEDRO BOATS UK/SEACRAFT TROPHY (Points trophy – Combined results Tidal sections and Pursuit Races)

  1. Langstone Cutters: 28 points
  2. Le FigaROW: 14 points

Congratulations to both teams - but I have to be INCREDIBLY biased here and say


We are raising money for Life Saving Charities will you Sponsor us?

The Langstone Lifesavers Fund: The L2P team has set a target of raising £50,000 (€65,000) for charities with a common theme – saving lives. Our first charities, which we hopefully won’t need on our trip, are the RNLI and the Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer; both charitable funds that save lives at sea. Our nominated Land-based lifesaving charities included are the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK.

Please sponsor our efforts in this race by clicking on the links above and give generously.

Thanks in advance
Steve S