Thursday, 8 May 2008

Last sets of rowing fun.. Part 2

So here it is readers... PART 2 - again a call in from SteveS "translated"

SO... Dateline 4:30am on the last day..Nigel Prepares the boat - ready for THE LAST RACE

05:30 the team get in and strip the boat down to its bare peanut butter - we're going for SPEED here!
This is a 7.2 mile DASH... - the decision ALL 7 ROWERS STAY PUT - no moves..
Water calm - weather cool...perfect conditions - light breeze...
Cutters had a 7.08 min handicap...

And there were off..!

Lots of early morning Dressing gown wavers from the shore appartments - just what they all needed lots of support

A hard slog and they Cutters went for it... - on the final turn in to paris Le Fig were just 200m away... (remember that penalty!) - the team pushed on...

- Sadly the finish line elluded them *just* ... Le FigaROW darted under the arch just 100m in front... - but they STORMED IT - WELL DONE CUTTERS!

From that point the relief and celebration took over.. - they joined the saftey boats for the trip to the basin...
AH... but... we're not out of the (hot) water yet!

Le Fuzz-d'leau arrived (ok sorry - the River Police)- enquiring what they were doing... blue lights and burly Frenchmen..

The French speaker took over.. the paperwork shown and next............
They had a Blue light Police escort to the basin
And there we have it readers.. the perfect end to a superb race and great spirits all round...

Congratulations Cutters... Congratulations Le FigaROW... in the words of Mr Grace "You've all done very well) (Kids..ask your parents!)

From then on silliness took over.. lots of dunkings and jumping in the river.. Colin and Sandra got very wet.. Colins shoes went in with him...

so now the saga of the shoes.. (well its a bit of fun!)

Colins shoes went for a dunk.. - so when the Cutters luggage was put in the taxi for the hotel (while some of the Cutters decided to walk) so in went the soggy ones... - and the were waved off..

Colin dived off into a shop enroute to the hotel for a little shoe-retail therapy.. - happy with his purchase -onward the valiant team went to the hotel..

as they arrived... there on the pavement - outside the a little pool of water ...

ONE PAIR OF SOGGY SHOES... all on their own (one two three.. Ahhhhh!)

So there it is happy followers.. Cutters are probably out in the bar now.. as indeed we all should be - toasting friends and competitors...
Been great being part of this. I hope its been useful. Hope to meet a few of you over a pint sometime...

As I get the full results and any more info... I'll post it - but for now -I'm signing off from my dry and dull desk in Cosham..

GO GO CUTTERS! - slainthe'

Armchair Steve

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