Tuesday, 6 May 2008

First blood to Le FigaROW - but read on...

Update from the deck of the Sea Satin - with lots of background cheering and much hilarity going on.. :-)

Le Fig took off at a crackin pace - and the Cutters were released to chase after them with a ...wait for this
20 min and 13 sec handicap!

When SteveS rang in the team had just crossed the line having set a superb pace and to quote from the deck (the noise was incredible..)

"They were bl**dy close" as they came in just EIGHT minutes behind...

WELL DONE THAT TEAM! But Well Done to Le Fig too!

However this does mean victory to Le Fig for this race - All credit to them. This makes it much more interesting now.

The sounds from thew background were jubilant people and "an amazing amount of support from watchers on the quay side" the rowers had certainly "bust a gut" to get where they did.

So that was Leg 5 done - Amfreville to Notre Dame de la Garenne
But bear in mind that leg was 25 miles and both crews did that in around 5 hours (makes me feel kinda weak here...pushing heavy keys)

Quote of the day "Rowers are shattered and plastered* "

*Fear not readers - the "plastered" refers to the band-aids not copious bottles of french lager! (thats to come one hopes)
Onward to stage 6 - the teams have to go up through the locks...and the view is for them to do stage 6 tonight..

More as I get it..
Armchair Steve

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winkle said...

What was the handicap for?

We are raising money for Life Saving Charities will you Sponsor us?

The Langstone Lifesavers Fund: The L2P team has set a target of raising £50,000 (€65,000) for charities with a common theme – saving lives. Our first charities, which we hopefully won’t need on our trip, are the RNLI and the Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer; both charitable funds that save lives at sea. Our nominated Land-based lifesaving charities included are the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK.

Please sponsor our efforts in this race by clicking on the links above and give generously.

Thanks in advance
Steve S