Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Messages of support from friends & Family

these are direct from my email - warts n all - just to show HOW MUCH the cutters are appreciated and being followed
(and thanks to all the comment for me.. hey its just a small part ... and I'm wishing I was on board!)

Hope its Ok to publish folks... I'm really proud to be a VERY small part of this amazing week!
Armchair Steve :-)


It's showtime, Cutters, Go, Go, Go. Now you'll tie up triumphant c'est certain mais oui!
Bloody well done. Alan G.


Marie-Anne Maurissen from Belgium

I've been following the race with tremendous interest, that's when I'm not training on the canals around here, in the wild but firm hope of being part of a crew next year.

I know Belgians aren't excluded ;-)

I've written already to another adress just to make sure someone will answer and I'll be rowing this race in 2009.

All the best to All

Dear Armchair Steve
Thanks for keeping us up to date with the goings on, our daughter, Sanda Mowat, is one of the team and as we live in Scotland your blog is great, haven't been on the internet so much! Please give her our bestest love and say 'up the auld yins' to everyone, you are doing great.
Thanks Steve we really appreciate how we can keep in touch


Brilliant blog - sounds as though you are doing brilliantly!!
Can't imagine how sore bums etc must be - hallucinations of sofas and feather beds!!
Good on yer, ex-neighbours et al - see you next week.
Up the Cutters!!
Sue & Pete


Have been glued to your blog and news of the row - wow what a fantastic effort from everyone - keep it up and bon chance!
Richard and Sally


Have got friends and family all totally hooked on the BLOG: well done Steve’s, it’s been a fantastic account.

Well done Langstone!! You really have put us on the map. Keep going and I hope it gets a bit cooler.

Sarah, Catherine and Lizzi Maclennan


Dear LCRC Rowers,
What a stunning performance! Age and treachery can triumph over youth! Glad you made it across the Channel in the dark. Keep up the spirits and the stamina.
Row, row, row and keep on winning.
I am beaming positive thoughts,


It was great to wave you all off at the start, and I raced to the Millenium walkway bridge to see you row off in front of Le Figarow, and that was just the beginning!
Just to say how proud I am of the team, doing so fantastically well and in such high spirits.
'Stay zipped' until the first alcohol goes passed your lips, and then let it all hang out!!
from Jenny, the Pilates teacher.
Thanks to Steve for the fab blog - I can't wait to get the next update each time!!

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Thanks in advance
Steve S