Thursday, 8 May 2008

Last sets of rowing fun.. Part 1

This is going to be in theres lots to type.
SteveS dictated (with some polishing from moi!)
Please forgive us if we've got the last legs in a wee bit of a pickle... lots of info..and a very very tired SteveS!!

So.. Bougival to Suresnes
20 mile jaunt... the Cutters chose to rest a few of the team members as they are allowed the boat had 4 rowers and a Cox - perhaps a good move

They had a 23min and 5.8sec penalty (remember this when you get near the bottom of this)

11:05pm Le Fig headed off into the dark...and the Cutters waited.. - bear in mind ALL these guys are rowing against the current..thats good going.

Colin and the team were digging deep to catch up..using the edge of the river to get the best "least current" - Colin dug deep and "SNAP" off went an oar... - in order to protect the person behind they snapped it..
The Rib sped off to collect the spare.. and a new one was dispatched.. - slightly different face on this one..but the team down to 3 oars and a new one.. pushed on (coo this is TENSE!)

Rhythm was re-established and the Cutters pushed HARD.. peaking at 5.3knots.. (BETWEEN 4 of them!)

They started to close of Le Fig bit by bit by bit.. - and finally over took them (bearing in mind the crew in Le Fig were rowing like troopers!) - and then a cry was heard from Le Fig "HEY they've only got 4 on board!"

So with Colin and Ralph at the front and Elaine and Deb at the rear..and our Sandra coxing they puish onward... - when they changed crew they took on board Ralphs peanut butter & jelly sarnies... and Snickers (tm) for the others.. they finally passed the others and with just three lengths between them it was a battle for the line..

Now bear in mind this is 3 am -and the rest of the "resting crew " and the support team were on the support boat SHOUTING at the tops of their voices and then they all begin singing the Cutters Shanty... - they are now in the suburbs of Paris

So apologies to our French readers to the teams who probably woke you up !!

They crossed the line - just 3 lengths ahead and to much jubilation - and Porridge to follow!
The team then rested....
(Don't they celebrate in style)

Part II and the Final later...

and we'll reveal the saga of the Shoes...

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